Water CO2 fire extinguisher

Water CO2 fire extinguisher
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Water CO2 fire extinguisher contains only water and carbon dioxide cartridge . Cartridge seals inside the extinguisher . The plunger has a piercing type nail attached to it in such way that it will puncture the sealing disc of CO2 cartridge when pushed down .

There are two type of water CO2 fire extinguisher based on their position :

For operation –

  • Upright type : these provide with a dip pipe attached to outlet point with or without a discharge hose pipe.
  • Invertible type : there are no dip pipe in this type of extinguisher and no discharge pipe is provided.

The capacity of water CO2 extinguisher is 6 litr , 9 litr and 50 litr.

Operation of water CO2 fire extinguisher :

  • First the safety clip open .
  • Remove from the wall .
  • The top handle of extinguisher catch with the left hand .
  • It placed 6 feet away from the fire .
  • Hold the pipe in left hand and press the knob to puncture the CO2 cartridge seal disc .
  • Discharge the carbon dioxide cartridge allows the water inside the extinguisher to come out through the pressure and helps to extinguish the fire .
  • When the extinguisher finish , it will be laid horizontally on the ground .
  • Do not use on electrical equipment fire and oil type fire .

Recharging process :

  • Open the cap .
  • Extinguisher and it’s parts clean .
  • Extinguisher admitted with a certain amount of water .
  • Old or uses carbon dioxide cartridge was changed by using a new CO2 cartridge .
  • And it locked well .
  • The new label for when extinguisher check labeled .

Test :

  • Every three months the CO2 cartridge check it’s weight .
  • However , if the 10% lower than the original weight then it change.
  • Each cartridge weight written on his neck and his expiry date given .
  • Every month the other parts at extinguisher need to be checked .

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